It Might be the Biggest Kansas City CrossFit Gym…

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The Event: Construction begins! Day one in Sky’s Limit CrossFit’s physical location.

The WOD: Rip up and dispose of 4,000 square feet of old carpet by the time the Deftones Adrenaline album is over.

The Progress:

Sky's Limit CrossFit logo projection

Kid's entertained

Pull-up rig planning

Coaches Jesse and Ronnie plan the pull-up rig construction

Base for pull-up rig

Jenny painting

Drilling hand holds in plyo boxes

Skyler and Alex helping paint

Who knew the kids would be so helpful?

Oops - wrong color in the wrong place

Skyler added her personal touch in the bathrooms that are supposed to be blue

Sky's Limit CrossFit wall logo

Pull-up rig construction

Creatively wedging the post into the base

Doug and Don get points for creativity!

Helpful kids

Seriously, these two were focused on sweeping and making the biggest piles

Sky's Limit CrossFit inspiration

Skyler, the inspiration, the "Sky" in Sky's Limit CrossFit. Yes, her face is that dirty

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