On Ramp Starts Soon!

 ON RAMP !  Only $110 with no commitment, $25 with a 3 Month commitment or FREE with a 6 Month commitment to get started today!  That includes both On Ramp classes and the rest of the month!  I am currently scheduling On Ramp by appointment only either during the week in the mornings or on Saturday mornings.  In this day and time it’s been better since a lot of folks are working from home. Get signed up and start your transformation today! Just send me an email to let me know some times and dates that work for you and I’ll see you here!  ronnie@skyslimitcrossfit.com 

On Ramp schedule: Whatever times work best for you!

On Ramp class is the essential first step to starting any CrossFit workout program. We use many different functional movements in our workouts, and it is important that everyone knows how to do the movements correctly and safely.

Our course is divided into two 1.5 hour sessions, around the first two weeks of each month, on Saturdays. The classes will be a combination of instruction, practicing the movements in a non-intensive setting, and then putting the movements to work in a WOD (Workout of the Day). Each workout will build on what was learned to help prepare our new CrossFitters to join the regular classes.

On Ramp class is $110, which includes the two 1 1/2 hour classes typically held on the first two Saturdays of each month, plus unlimited classes the remainder of the month. If you have experience with CrossFit and don’t need to take On Ramp, please make an appointment with one of the coaches for an assessment before joining regular classes.

Coach Ronnie teaching the dead lift with PVC pipes to new members in the On Ramp class.


  1. When is your next ramp class. I am almost 62 but am interested in considering doing this

    • Our next On Ramp will be in October and will be on the first two Saturdays of the month which are October 6th and the 13th. Both will be from 11-1. We are changing to this time starting next month.

  2. Are your next on ramp classes next month, first two Saturday’s?
    Are they now at 11am still or back to the 7am?

    • Yes! On Ramp in December is on the 5th and 12th at 7am. Hope to see you there