Our Programming

When it comes to CrossFit boxes, not all gyms are the same. Learn about why we do what we do at Sky’s Limit CrossFit.

We aren’t all given the same schedule and same set of workouts to teach our classes. Our level of experience, methods of teaching, and coaching personalities make us all unique. That’s one of the things that makes CrossFit affiliation so special – the freedom given to us as gym owners to train our members in the best way that we see to help them get fit. With the explosion of CrossFit in Kansas City, you have many varieties from which to choose. The following is an explanation of the training philosophy behind our workout programming here at Sky’s Limit CrossFit.

Crosstraining With a Strength Bias

While CrossFit is designed to increase capacity in ten aspects of fitness, some gyms tend to focus more time in some areas than others. We skew our programming toward Strength, in that you will see more frequent “testing” in strength movements than most others in the form of establishing weight maxes and systematic work to improve those over time. However, you will still get tons of non-strength based skill work and training, because we like all of it, and have seen how it all works together to make you better at everything! You will see the movements and exercises listed below, to name a few, focusing on all ten aspects of fitness practiced in infinite combinations with our programming, and we are always working to introduce new stuff to the mix. Our trainers know how to scale all of the below movements to every fitness level, so anyone can grow and improve their fitness.

    • Endurance (cardiovascular/respiratory) – running, rowing, the occasional longer workout
    • Stamina – Varied length and speed of workouts/movements
    • Strength – Cycled movement of weight with barbells, kettle bells, atlas stones, tires, kegs, yoke carries and bodyweight gymnastics like handstands, push-ups, pull-ups and dips on bars and rings, rope climbing
    • Flexibility – warm-ups, mobility work, squats, focus on proper form in all movements
    • Power – Olympic and power lifting, kettle bells, weighted sled pushing and pulling, box jumps, ball slams, barbell speed exercises, kipping pull-ups
    • Speed – sprinting, short, intense, light workouts
    • Coordination – jump rope, wall balls, rope climbing, ring work, Olympic lifting and kipping pull-ups
    • Agility – switching quickly and effortlessly between any variety of movements, suicide sprints, jumping/hopping over objects
    • Balance – Olympic and power lifting, turkish getups, planks, handstands, ring work
    • Accuracy – Wall balls, jump rope, , box jumps, hurdles and bar hops

Original Program Design and Workouts

CrossFit workouts can be obtained easily from multiple sources. CrossFit.com provides a daily workout program design that any individual or gym can follow. Additionally, some trainers and other gyms are well-known for their programming, so some boxes will follow the program that others are doing. Finally, there are a host of “benchmark” workouts unique to CrossFit such as Hero and Lady wod’s, which are widely used to test progress. However, we pride ourselves in our original programming, with the sequencing and cycling of movements and workouts chosen strategically by us, based on our experience and know-how in training athletes and the general population, as well as regular study of fitness literature and media. We recognize there is a wealth of fitness knowledge available at our fingertips, so we are constantly studying and learning, and trying new things. We may be inspired by specific workout or rep scheme we’ve seen performed somewhere along the way, and we do use benchmark CrossFit wod’s as one test of progress, but we enjoy the creativity of designing our own wods and using our experience to help our clients advance in all aspects of fitness. It is one of the most fulfilling parts of developing and implementing fitness programming.

More is Not Always Better

CrossFit is known for it’s intensity, and notorious for the “elite” aspect of fitness that is uncommon in the mainstream world of the globo gym. If done right, it should be challenging but fun, leaving you healthier and more fit than when you walked through the door. However, some trainers and athletes have confused the elite intensity aspect with what is called overtraining, which can lead to injury, burnout, and a lack of progress in fitness. This is seen in programming by frequent high-volume wods (lots of reps, rounds, and movements done day after day, and/or frequent “heavy” days), while not allowing proper recovery from movements for different parts of the body. At Sky’s Limit CrossFit, we focus on a well-rounded program that provides full-body workouts throughout the week, without full-body annihilation day after day. All our workouts are scaled to your individual fitness level, so every person finishes every workout, gaining that sense of accomplishment together. Granted, now and then we’ll ask you to suck it up for a longer, heavier, or more demanding workout, but the next day you’ll do something completely different, often designed to help recover from the prior day, and work a whole different aspect of fitness than what you did the day before. We are here to make you better, and that doesn’t mean feeling like you got ran over by a truck every single day.

We’re In it Together

Sky’s Limit isn’t like a big box gym where an out-of-shape personal trainer is telling you how to get fit when the only time he spends in the gym is to earn his paycheck. Our trainers do the same workouts our members do, and are often the guinea pigs for new workouts, movements, or training techniques. You can be confident that while they are instructing you in form improvements, or encouraging you through a challenging wod, that they’ve been through the same thing, or will experience it at some point in the day. And since we’ve done the same workout you did today, you know that tomorrow’s wod will be designed with respect to the experience of today, adjusting as needed for both advancement and recovery. We have a shared goal, to become better than yesterday in fitness and in life, and we believe a great way to accomplish that is together.


  1. I was wondering what would be a good day in the evening that I could come in and check out the facility and talk more about the program.

    • You can come in any evening that is good for you. If I’m not there Kevin will be and he can talk to you as we’ll. thanks

  2. I just purchased for the on ramp starting June 8th, do I need to sign up for these classes or just drop in?

    Thanks! šŸ™‚

    • All you have to do is show up on the 8th at 11am!

  3. Does the gym have open hours? Can you do your own workouts rather than following the program.