Paleo Meal Service and Nutrition Challenge!

We’ve may have enjoyed the holiday gluttony as much as the next person, but it’s time to get back on track to eating clean and focusing on nutrition to sustain your health, quality of life, and demanding workouts. In order to make good nutrition more accessible for everyone at Sky’s Limit CrossFit, PaleoFit Meals will now be delivering weekly meal orders to the gym!

PaleoFit Meals is a Kansas City paleo meal service brought to us by one of our members, Graham Ripple. They do the meal planning and cooking, you just do the eating. Check out their website for details on packages and menu. If you want to sign up, you can handle all that through Follow the Facebook page for announcements and updates.

Another reason to check out PaleoFit Meals is we will be starting another Nutrition Challenge on Saturday, February 2nd! This will be a 60 day challenge, focusing on improving nutrition to meet your health and fitness goals, whether that is to lose weight or get stronger. The winner will be the person with the most percentage change in body composition (lean body mass and body fat ratio). We’ve raised the stakes this time, rewarding the winner with not only one free month of membership dues, but also their choice of a new pair of Reebok CrossFit Nano’s or Reebok CrossFit Lifter shoes!

On February 2nd, from 9 am to 11 am during Open Gym, we will be taking starting body composition measurements. You will need to sign up for your measurement time slot (it will take about 5 minutes) on the whiteboard at the gym. At 11 am, we’ll host a one hour “crash course” in nutrition, and answer any questions you have about getting started. We highly recommend doing some research before the challenge starts, so you can hit the ground running. Here are a few recommended blogs and books to get you started, so study up and get ready to use nutrition to meet your goals!

It Starts With Food – by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (and their website, the Whole30) – the book has easy to digest explanations of our metabolism and how different types of foods affect our health and well-being. They provide not just science, but spend some time on the psychological impacts of what we eat and how to make better choices for lifelong nutrition.

The Paleo Solution – by Robb Wolf – this is one of the most recommended books on the paleo diet. Robb Wolf is a science geek and athlete, who’s studied with a lot of smart people to create this book and promote the paleo way of living. It’s a little more science-y, but reads well and has a touch of humor.

The Primal Blueprint – from Mark Sisson at Mark’s Daily Apple. Mark has a busy blog with all things primal (similar to paleo), and has organized a ton of the best “getting started” advice in Making the Primal Living Transition in Six Easy Steps.

Happy clean eating in 2013! #bamfs