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If you are interested in ordering local grassfed beef in bulk, we’ve got a great hookup that will deliver straight to the gym! Chapman Creek Cattle Company out of Abilene, Kansas, is currently taking orders for sides of beef. They will be taking orders only for the next week or two at the latest, so if you are interested, you’ll need to act quickly (there will be another time to order around the first of the year, but the price will increase a bit).

A side of grassfed beef ordered in bulk will run $3.19/lb of hanging weight, which comes out to around $5/lb final “take-home” weight. This is a great deal, considering a pound of grassfed ground beef bought at the store will usually run $6 – $8 on average, and steaks can be three times that. Buying a side of beef includes ground beef, roasts, steaks, ribs, soup bones, and even organ meat. You can customize how much of each cut you want, including how thick/large each piece is. There are order forms at the gym if you would like to see how this is done.

One side of beef will run around $1000 – $1,200, and takes up around 6 cubic feet in a freezer, which comes out to a couple hundred pounds of meat. Many people might want to split a side for space or financial considerations, and this can easily be done. There is a $100 deposit per side due upon order, with the balance due upon delivery. The beef will be delivered around the end of September or early October. We will coordinate this after orders are taken. Let us know if you would like to order, and if you would like to split a side with someone. We can help match people up as we hear from you.

There are handouts at the gym with more information, or email us if you have questions. For more information on why we like grassfed beef and want to help you get access to it, check out this link.

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