Sandbag Making 101

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Sandbag training has been inching its way into CrossFit programming at gyms everywhere. I enjoy using awkward objects in my training and programming, the only drawback is the expense. Bags made specifically for training can range from $55 up to $200. Here is an easy way to make your own for your box or garage gym.
1.) Army duffel bag from army surplus store
2.) A bag of play sand or two bags of pea gravel
3.) If using sand get 2 gallon Ziploc bags and fill each to 15-17lbs
4.) Double bag each
5.) Gorilla Tape each bag completly closed
6.) use old t-shirts to help fill out the bag
7.) Ziptie or hose clamp the end shut, then tape over it for safety
8.) If using pea gravel skip all of the steps involving sand and dump the gravel right into the bag and tie it up. This is my preffered way and the bag is way more fun to use.


homemade sandbags

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