PED’s Mean You Are Weak

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There is truly one sport I follow consistently everyday and that is MMA.  CrossFit is not a sport to me it’s a way of life.  I enjoy the competitive nature of it all but I am competing against myself everyday, and yes I am winning.  When I heard the news about Nate Marquardt getting cut by the UFC at the weigh ins before the event he was to headline I knew something serious happened.  It came out yesterday that he had been undergoing TRT, testosterone replacement therapy.  His levels of test were well above what are considered normal and he was not allowed to fight.  He was actually given an exemption to fight in a different state just a few months prior.  Total bullshit!

These guys have to use this shit to give them an edge.  If they don’t have it they are probably so weak mentally that they couldn’t do what they do.  This is the second time he has been busted so I would never pay or even watch him fight again because he is a cheater.  If you juice, you are a cheater, and a little bitch because you don’t have what it takes to truly compete at a high level on your own.  And don’t give me that shit that if everyone else is doing it you might as well too.  You may have the skills and the strength but you are a mental midget and would get stomped on.

I’ve heard rumors about certain people in the CrossFit community that hit the juice regularly and it truly is a shame.  I do this to see how far I can push myself and how strong I can be.  Not how far me plus drugs can go.    As the competitive side of CrossFit continues to grow the drug testing has to become universal, not random.  When there is money involved people will cheat.  If you want to roid out in your garage and think you’re a beast then do it there, not in my gym or as part of something that I love and has truly changed my life.

I have shared some of my feelings but UFC fighter BJ Penn, my favorite, said it best:

“I know there are a lot of people out there doing steroids, cheating and every time I run into one of them, I’m going to call them on it and then I’m going to beat the shit out of them.… It’s going to be a historic night because all the kids out there will realize that you can do it with just hard work alone … he wants to say he has heart and all this different shit, but you can’t confuse steroids with heart…. It’s two different things, a guy with heart is a guy doing it with blood, sweat and tears, waking up with the sore back, the sore body..… What would happen in the old days when you get caught with a couple of aces up your sleeve, they kill the guy right there and that’s why I say Sean Sherk is dead….”

He said that and then destroyed Sean Sherk who was off the juice and clearly had no edge.

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