Is CrossFit Dangerous?

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Between Men’s Health and a few other articles that have been forwarded to me in the last week I am running into a lot of opinions that CrossFit isn’t for everyone and that it’s dangerous. This to me is completely absurd. Everything can be dangerous if you’re a dumbass or not under the proper supervision. I mean they let me ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle home when I had only ridden a motorcycle 3 times before! Luckily I made it. And even more lucky someone was there to guide me the whole way, thanks Cliff. He was my coach that day, the one who inherently knew my limits without me even having to say anything. Read more…

I have been in the fitness industry for a long time and there is a distinct difference between a personal trainer who’s heart really isn’t into what they do and someone who should be considered a coach. Coaches know how to teach technique, correct flaws, know how to push somebody without going to far and are constantly learning to get better. Somebody who experiences what their clients are going through because they live it everyday.

All of these articles had the same opinion and had many “experts” weighing in with theirs too, as if they are stating facts about what I do having never stepped foot in a true box. A CrossFit box where it is done right, where the coach knows every single clients limitations and know what the hell they are talking about. I hate being pigeonholed in the same category as some dumb ass who got his level 1 cert and still can’t coach shit. Not all level 1 trainers are created equally, that’s a fact, and for damn sure not all boxes are created equally. The sad thing is that clients who go to crappy CrossFit boxes don’t have a clue until they happen to stumble upon a good one for a workout. They can almost feel the difference when they walk in the door by the energy in the room and when the WOD starts and someone is there actually coaching them, not cheering them on, they can really tell the difference.

After all of that bitching I do hope for the future that CrossFit HQ sets some sort of standards on affiliation so the markets don’t get diluted with badly run boxes all over the world. The truth is that the best will always thrive and the others will slowly fade away. Until then I will always give my best everyday whether it’s at 6am or 6pm, I will always be there working to get better so you can be too. Enough said. Fran tomorrow! Peace!


  1. You must be super pissed if we’re doing FRAN!! SHIT

  2. I would not think that it would be that dangerous. Looks like fun.

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