The 3 o’clock Crew

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I have had the pleasure over the last 2 weeks to coach, train, and workout with 4 of the most dedicated, eager to learn young athletes I have ever come across.  Being easy to coach is not an attribute everyone has, young or old.  Not only are they eager to learn but they are getting better everyday at doing the basics, which makes the more complex become easier.  I have another young athlete that goes to a different school than these 4 but I think when I bring him in the mix he will fit in perfectly.  If you think you have what it takes to hang with this crew stop by anytime or contact me through Facebook or the website.  You boys keep me on my toes so I truly am focused on being, “BETTER THAN YESTERDAY.”  Get rested up this weekend because we are really going to get after it next week!

3 o'clock crew

From left: Sean, me (Coach Ronnie), Chandler, Drew, just missing Jon who had to leave early!

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