What is CrossFit?

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(Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.)

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. The CrossFit philosophy is broadly designed to cover all aspects of fitness: “Our specialty is not specializing.” This means a strength and conditioning program that prepares the human body for any feat. It is not specific training to become the strongest power lifter or the fastest sprinter. It is not about having the largest bicep circumference or the thinnest waist. It’s about being ¬†conditioned and ready for anything that life brings your way, whether that is put into play as a police officer chasing and tackling a criminal, moving furniture into your buddy’s new apartment at the top of three flights of stairs, or signing up for a last minute 5K race.

Because CrossFit workouts emphasize real life, functional movements, it is perfectly scalable for all fitness levels, from the beginner to the professional athlete.

CrossFit is a widely recognized training program used by military, police organizations, mixed martial artists, and elite athletes worldwide. For more information on CrossFit, visit CrossFit.com.

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