What do the CrossFit terms and abbreviations stand for?

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We use lots of CrossFit abbreviations that stand for different moves and lifts in our Workout of the Day. Since our workouts are constantly varied, it could take awhile to get all the shortened CrossFit terms memorized, so we’ve created a glossary here for you to reference if you have any questions about what the WOD contains. WOD – Workout of the day AMRAP – As many reps or rounds as possible in a set amount of time. PR – Personal record Rx’s – Prescribed, as in recommended. Often used to set suggested weight requirements for lifts. MetCon –...

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Who can do CrossFit?

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Everyone from the couch potato to the elite athlete can participate at Sky’s Limit CrossFit.  Every workout can be done at any fitness level.  That is the beauty of CrossFit. Through “universal scalability” of weights and intensity everybody will benefit from the programming. All members must participate in the On Ramp Class before joining the daily workouts.  This class is set up to teach you the 9 basic movements you must know in order to participate in CrossFit.  There will be 4 classes you must complete before being allowed to join regular classes. These classes help ensure your safety...

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What are the benefits of CrossFit training?

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The most beneficial part of doing CrossFit is that the movements we will be doing will help you live a better life.  People who train using the CrossFit methods are training to not suck at life.  Training for whatever life throws your way.  Constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity are what make you look better, feel better, and not suck at life.  Walking around your local big box gym picking up the same weights, sitting on the same machines, doing the same cardio equipment are what make you suck at life.  We want to make your body an efficient working machine so you can...

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Is CrossFit safe?

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CrossFit is safe when done properly. This is why the On Ramp class is so important to developing the skills needed to participate in classes. Most people want to have an intense workout. In CrossFit, the mechanics of the movements come first, then intensity. This is why we do functional movements your body was meant to do.  

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How is CrossFit Different?

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CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity.  You will never see, on any occasion, any isolation movements programmed.  There is no place for them in the gym or life.  You will never perform a bicep curl, leg extension, leg curl, dumbbell side raise or anything that resembles any of these movements.  There is nothing efficient or functional about them.  Functional movements are movements that work from your core to extremity, multi- joint movements that make you work.  Doing CrossFit trains you for the unknown and the unknowable.  If you like spending hours in...

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