Burpees for Babies!!

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Lori and I hold a special place in our hearts when it comes to the March of Dimes and what they do. March of Dimes helps support research to prevent premature births and birth defects. Since Skyler was born with her heart condition, Lori and I have actively supported March of Dimes. Every year we ride in the annual Kansas City Bikers for Babies fundraiser which is the biggest ride in the country to help raise money for this awesome cause. We typically take donations from friends and donate ourselves, which has worked great, but this year we have a lot more at our disposal!

This will be the first annual Burpee’s for Babies Competition! We will be holding a competition that you can do at your box, at anytime, from September 1 until September 15th. This competition is open to anyone at any box! The person who accumulates the most Burpees during programmed WODs and on your own is the champ! All participants can contact me at anytime through Facebook or ronnie@skyslimitcrossfit.com with a running total that I will post on Monday so everyone can keep tabs on the leaderboard. This will be under the honor system so anyone caught cheating will be exposed! The winner will recieve their October monthly dues paid at their box! We are also working on some other prizes to go along with this so stay tuned.

This is probably the only way Burpees will ever be fun by knowing you are helping improve the lives of babies! In order to participate all you have to do is make a $20 donation through our Donation Page

Good luck to everyone and thanks for supporting a great cause!


  1. Hate to be thick, but do the burpees have to be during a WOD? Or can I bust them out at work and count them?

    By the way, love this idea.

    • Burpees don’t only HAVE to be done during a WOD, but you can count any that occur during a WOD if that is what was programmed. We’d prefer all your extras to be done at your box though, so there are witnesses. It adds to the fun, can spark some healthy competition, and helps ensure honesty in counting. Not that anyone would cheat on something that is for charity.

  2. I will be in OK the 14th and 15th and will have Andy and my entire family as witnesses. What is the cut-off time to email my count to you from the Pow Wow?


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