Throwdown and Party!!!

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12/20 at 7pm – Intra Gym Throwdown

This Friday at 7 pm will be our first Intra Gym Throwdown.  We will be starting at 7pm sharp so if you are competing you need to show up before so we can get you in your heats and rock this thing out in a timely manner.  Winners will receive a $50 Rogue gift card, 2nd place gets to say they were 2nd place.  We are doing this to have fun and give you all an outlet to throwdown to see how well you stack up against others if competing is your thing.  We invite anyone who wants to come watch and also I still need a few judges to help run this smoothly.  Judges we will be meeting at 6:45.  There will be standards of movement and each rep will be counted.  If you get no repped remember its not personal, you just didn’t do something right.  Any arguing or disrespect to judges will result in a DQ and possibly a Jimmy Superfly Snuka drop kick off the top of the pullup rig.  So remember have fun and give it your all.

12/21 @ 7ish

PARTY!!!  If you have never made it to one of our parties you’ve been missing out.  It will be epic as usual with massive games of flip cup, bags, baseball, and most likely a lot of dancing.  Come one come all and BYOB

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