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I just want to inform everyone who is competing in the Open that we will be hosting every Saturday at 11 during our open gym time.  If you are a member you can come in and do the WOD’s for free.  If you are a non member the drop in fee will be $10 to come get coached and have your score judged and submitted.  All standards of movement laid out by HQ will be fully followed and if a movement is not completed properly you will be given a no rep.  If noone has ever told you no rep and hurt your feelings don’t take it personally just do it right and all will be good.  If you are a non-member please email me during the week so I can have time to prepare for everyone.  Oversll remember that this is supposed to be fun so go out and destrominate every WOD programmed.  See you all soon!  Thanks


Ronnie O

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