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Today was one of my first experience with people in the Kansas City CrossFit community.  A friend of mine and his two brothers, one happens to be co-owner of CrossFit Lees Summit, came over today and helped me break in the new box real proper like.  Another member from CFLS came too for the last two parts of the workout  Heavy Front Squats, Deadlift Rack pulls, and death by pullups were on the agenda for today.  It was awesome to see how much everyone was so supportive of each other and couldn’t help but be a coach.

This is how the atmosphere will be at Sky’s Limit CrossFit.  There will be no elitist assholes, no egos, just a fun supportive atmosphere where everyone is trying to be Better Than Yesterday!  If you love to truly be fit, or are just starting the quest to be a better you we want you to come here and start that quest with us.  CrossFit will change your life and you will always be inspired and coached properly to get to your goals as fast and safe as possible.  See you soon!

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