Burpees for Babies

Donate. Do burpees. Win prizes. Help babies!

We are holding a two week burpee contest to raise money for the March of Dimes via the Bikers for Babies. Read more about why we support this organization here and here.


How this works:

1. To donate and enter the competition, make your $20 donation here. The contest/prizes are open to any member of a CrossFit box.
2. Between September 1 and September 15, you do as many burpees as you can accumulate, sending your counts to ronnie @ skyslimitcrossfit.com so we can keep score and share the leaderboard throughout the competition.
3. Burpees should be done at the box with a witness, preferably counting your reps. These can be done before, during, and after a wod. So yes, if there are burpees programmed in your wod one day, you get to count them.
4. The overall winner will receive their October box membership paid in full by us. There will be additional prizes for runners up, announced later.
5. Have fun doing burpees! Or, if you really can’t stomach any more burpees than what you already have to do in a wod, just donate! It’s all for a great cause that raises money to support healthy babies right here in the Kansas City area!

Thank you.