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Owner and head coach Ronnie has answered some of the most commonly asked questions about CrossFit and Sky’s Limit CrossFit. Check out the questions below, and email us if you have other questions that didn’t get answered here on our site.


CrossFit Questions

Can I do CrossFit if I have back or knee problems?

The problem most people have after an injury is fear of using that area of their body again. The problem with this is that by avoiding these areas will actually cause muscle imbalances in the body and make you more susceptible to other injuries or re-injuring the problem area.

CrossFit can actually be used to rehabilitate injuries. If you are having problems squatting (getting down to a seated position and getting up), having problems dead lifting (picking up anything off of the ground), or pressing (putting anything overhead), CrossFit will teach you how to properly use your body to accomplish all of these aspects of daily life. If you can’t do any one of these movements it could really affect your quality of life and independent living. A wise man once told me that being able to get on and off the toilet is the key to independent living. I truly believe that, so I will work with you and your physical limitations so you can become stronger, healthier, and more mobile.

What is CrossFit?

(Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.)

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. The CrossFit philosophy is broadly designed to cover all aspects of fitness: “Our specialty is not specializing.” This means a strength and conditioning program that prepares the human body for any feat. It is not specific training to become the strongest power lifter or the fastest sprinter. It is not about having the largest bicep circumference or the thinnest waist. It’s about being  conditioned and ready for anything that life brings your way, whether that is put into play as a police officer chasing and tackling a criminal, moving furniture into your buddy’s new apartment at the top of three flights of stairs, or signing up for a last minute 5K race.

Because CrossFit workouts emphasize real life, functional movements, it is perfectly scalable for all fitness levels, from the beginner to the professional athlete.

CrossFit is a widely recognized training program used by military, police organizations, mixed martial artists, and elite athletes worldwide. For more information on CrossFit, visit

How is CrossFit Different?

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity.  Functional movements are movements that work from your core to extremity, multi- joint movements that make you work.  Doing CrossFit trains you for the unknown and the unknowable.  If you like spending hours in the gym, CrossFit is not for you.  The workouts will be short, but they will be intense.  Intensity is relative to the individual so it is really up to you how hard you want to make each and every workout.  The harder you work, the better results your results will be.

Is CrossFit safe?

CrossFit is safe when done properly. This is why the On Ramp class is so important
to developing the skills needed to participate in classes. Most people want to have
an intense workout. In CrossFit, the mechanics of the movements come first, then
intensity. This is why we do functional movements your body was meant to do.


What are the benefits of CrossFit training?

The most beneficial part of doing CrossFit is that the movements we will be doing will help you live a better life.  People who train using the CrossFit methods are training to not suck at life.  Training for whatever life throws your way.  Constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity are what make you look better, feel better, and not suck at life.  Walking around your local big box gym picking up the same weights, sitting on the same machines, doing the same cardio equipment are what make you suck at life.  We want to make your body an efficient working machine so you can accomplish any and all tasks you may have to.

Who can do CrossFit?

Everyone from the couch potato to the elite athlete can participate at Sky’s Limit CrossFit.  Every workout can be done at any fitness level.  That is the beauty of CrossFit. Through “universal scalability” of weights and intensity everybody will benefit from the programming.

All members must participate in the On Ramp Class before joining the daily workouts.  This class is set up to teach you the 9 basic movements you must know in order to participate in CrossFit.  There will be 2 classes you must complete on the first two Saturdays of each month before being allowed to join regular classes. These classes help ensure your safety and will allow you to get the most out of your workouts.  Exceptions will be made at my discretion.

What do the CrossFit terms and abbreviations stand for?

We use lots of CrossFit abbreviations that stand for different moves and lifts in our Workout of the Day. Since our workouts are constantly varied, it could take awhile to get all the shortened CrossFit terms memorized, so we’ve created a glossary here for you to reference if you have any questions about what the WOD contains.

WOD – Workout of the day

AMRAP – As many reps or rounds as possible in a set amount of time.

PR – Personal record

Rx’s – Prescribed, as in recommended. Often used to set suggested weight requirements for lifts.

MetCon – Metabolic conditioning

DB – Dumbbell

KB – Kettle bell

OH – Overhead

DU’s – Double Unders (on the jump rope)

GHD – glute-hamstring developer

BW – Body weight

Pood – Kettle bell weight measurement

DL – Dead lift

SDHP – Sumo Dead lift High Pull

HSPU – Hand stand push-ups

Sky's Limit CrossFit Questions

Do I need special equipment, gear or clothing?

The answer is no.  We don’t have any restrictions on the kind of shoes you can wear or even the type of water bottle you bring.  Just come ready to work hard and have fun doing it.


How do I measure fitness progress?

You will be able to measure your fitness progress in the gym by addressing the 10 aspects of
fitness. Cardio/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed,
Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy are how we track progress. Outside
of the gym you will see daily tasks and any fun sport or activity becoming easier and
more fun. Guaranteed! Just in case you like to be competitive amongst your peers or
just against yourself, you can record your workout performance in our system. Additionally, we can provide body composition measurements by request.


What amenities and equipment do you have?

When you walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time don’t be shocked when you find the cardio section with rows of treadmills and ellipticals missing. There is no machine circuit section that you can go walk through. Cardio comes in the form of Metabolic Conditioning which is sprinting on the ground, rowing, jumping, and pushing and pulling sleds. The only way to lift weights is to actually be standing up or squatted down to get it. There will be lots of bars and plates, squat racks and pull-up bars, gymnast rings, jump ropes, boxes, kettlebells and medicine balls, to name a few.


Are your membership costs higher than regular gyms?

The old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is true. You can join your local big box gym that is full of machines and walk around with no guidance on how to warm up or how to properly lift weights. If you are looking for actual results and proper guidance on every aspect of fitness, including nutrition, Sky’s Limit CrossFit is for you.


Why join Sky’s Limit CrossFit?

These days anyone can start a CrossFit gym anywhere. You don’t know if they have experience and skill as a trainer/coach, or if they just like working out a lot. As the owner and head trainer, I have been working in the fitness industry since 2007, and have seen and worked with just about every type of client imaginable, from great athletes to special needs clients. It is our passion to work with each person, helping you learn more about yourself and what you are capable. You will feel confident knowing that you are in good hands and are being coached by the best, not just some dudes with a certification. We are a community of like-minded individuals, focused on improving our health and fitness while supporting each other. It doesn’t matter if you are a great athlete, or if it is your first time in a gym, you will walk into a welcome, inviting environment that you will feel comfortable in all the time. There will be loud music so I hope that doesn’t offend anybody.

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Will lifting weights make me bulky?

Many women are worried that lifting weights will make them bulky instead of help them lose weight and get lean. This only happens if the women are taking steroids! The myth that I’ve heard over the years as a trainer from women that says, “I gain muscle really fast so don’t make me bulky,” is a farce, an illusion thought up a long time ago by a woman who didn’t want to lift weights. I heard a really good analogy the other day I have to share. This is from a very well known Gym Owner/Trainer that I follow online and how he explains lifting weights to women. What you need to do is picture a cheeseburger. Before it is cooked it is round, full of fat and soft. As you cook it the cheeseburger gets smaller because you are cooking the fat out of it. It’s the same thing with your body. The more fat you get rid of and the more muscle you build the smaller you will appear. Additionally, weight training not only builds lean muscles, it also strengthens bones, which is incredibly beneficial for women to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


Will people laugh if I don’t know what I am doing?

No. If someone was ever treated like that in my gym I would kick the person who was laughing out on the spot. You will never encounter a member or a coach with an elitist attitude that thinks they are better than everybody else. You will find yourself in a community of people of all fitness levels where everyone is supportive and always willing to help.

All must participate in the On Ramp Class before joining the daily workouts. This class is set up to teach you the 9 basic movements you must know in order to participate in CrossFit. There will be 2 classes (the first 2 Saturday mornings of the month at 7:30 am) you must complete before being allowed to join regular classes. These classes help ensure your safety and will allow you to get the most out of your workout.


  1. Hi Ronnie,
    Can a 56 year old women in ok shape, take part in your exercise program, if so what is the best time to come in and talk with you.

    • For sure. Anyone of any shape, age or fitness level can do what we do. On Ramp is required which starts on Feb 7th at 8pm

      • What happens if I can’t make it on tuesday and thursday evenings until May? I have class from 6:30 to 9:30pm.

  2. I’m looking to join a crossfit gym. I live in the area and was wondering when would be a good time to come in and see how your workouts go and maybe talk a bit?