Meet the Team

Ronnie Oswald – Owner, Head Coach and Personal Trainer

Passion for People: From day one of his professional career, he has been dedicated to improving the lives of his clients. Prior to his personal training career, he was a child services social worker for the state of Missouri. His desire to help children and their families find a better life was not enough to make a difference in an understaffed, bureaucratic government agency.  To his pregnant wife’s initial dismay, he quit his state job and began a fresh start as a personal trainer. Fitness and health had been a hobby, but as he built his clientele base, he discovered in personal training a fulfilling career as he helped people improve their quality of life.

He has worked with every type of client imaginable, from recovering couch potatoes, to triathletes, to figure competitors. Ronnie has a love for fitness and lives it in his everyday life, always experimenting with his own personal workouts to develop the next toughest fitness challenge, incorporating his experiences with his clients to help them reach their goals. He has the unique ability to connect with people of any personality and background to inspire and motivate them to be their best. He enjoys putting his own efforts to the test in races, Strongman challenges, and other fitness events. Upon discovering CrossFit programming in 2009, he found an even more effective and fun way to help people be their best. He loves sports; working with athletes to help improve their sports performance while also helping them develop self discipline and foundational life skills.

Education and Experience:
Ronnie has been a certified personal trainer since early 2007, servicing over 5,000 training sessions while holding various nationally recognized personal training certs like ISSA, NESTA, and AFAA. He is currently Level One CrossFit and CrossFit Weightlifting certified. And hey, he is not some certified meathead, he’s actually a college graduate, with a Bachelors in Sociology from University of Missouri Kansas City.

The Guy Behind Sky’s Limit CrossFit: There’s a lot more to Ronnie than personal fitness training and tattoos. He’ll claim his favorite movie is Gladiator, but secretly, it’s Urban Cowboy. He’s a fan of hard rock, mixed martial arts, and riding his Harley. You’d think he’s some kind of tough guy based on all that, but you haven’t seen him read Mickey Mouse Clubhouse storybooks to his daughter, Skyler, or help her paint her little toenails. He’s a strong guy with a big heart, who’s driven by the journey to health, fitness, and happiness, not only for himself, but for his family, friends, and clients.



Kevin Kelley – Coach and Personal Trainer

Kevin’s Journey: Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Kevin quickly became fascinated with sports, playing every sport he could at a young age. It was at this point that Kevin began his transformation to becoming a full on meathead. In high school Kevin’s focus shifted to football and the sport that would become a significant and lasting part of his life: lacrosse. Kevin followed both sports to junior college…while there he was recruited by the top lacrosse schools in the country, ultimately deciding to play lacrosse for Syracuse University – his first and only choice. At Syracuse Kevin played in two final fours and Syracuse won the National Championship his senior year.

After college, Kevin moved to Chicago and eventually Kansas City searching for what he loved to do. When Kevin was at his wits end, a hero, a white knight if you will, by the name of Ronnie Oswald, hired Kevin to work at 24 Hour Fitness. Under his tutelage, like a Jedi Master, Ronnie helped teach Kevin the ways of becoming a caring, attentive and successful trainer. Ronnie also introduced Kevin to the world of CrossFit. After only doing it for a short period of time, Kevin raced out to get his CrossFit Level 1 certification so he could join Ronnie at Sky’s Limit CrossFit.

Since moving to Kansas City, Kevin has reconnected with his lacrosse roots. He coached at Shawnee Mission East helping lead the Lancers to the 2010 and 2011 Kansas State Championship’s, as well as the first LAKC city title. Kevin is currently the Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Rockhurst University.

?Kevin is certified in the following: CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance, ISSA, NESTA.

Coaching Mentality: Through Kevin’s journey he has noticed the similarity in personal training and coaching lacrosse. They are, essentially, one in the same. In both, Kevin teaches, coaches and trains people of different walks of life, personality, skills and abilities, how to become the best they can in their respective arenas. Kevin gets no greater satisfaction than watching people succeed from their own hard work. Although a lot of people limit themselves, Kevin believes it is his mission to help them break through those barriers and achieve success in areas previously not thought possible.

The Women Behind the Man: Kevin is head over heels in love with his wife, Jessie. “She is my heart and soul. I could do nothing without her. She supports me in EVERYTHING I do. It’s clichéd but she’s my rock.” Kevin has two daughters Cora and Evelyn. “Cora is my whole being. She is my little redhead who continually amazes me. Evelyn (Evey) has created another spot in my heart. I never knew that I had this much love in my heart for another angel like my blue-eyed Evey. I would do anything for my girls. Anything.”

When not spending time with his three girls (and dog Millie), coaching or being a meathead, Kevin enjoys the Howard Stern show, watching sports, listening to old school rap or watching Seinfeld re-runs.

Sean Russell – Coach/Firefighter

A.k.a. “Big Scene” was born in Kansas City, MO and raised in Overland Park, KS. He dabbled in the whole gamut of team sports growing up, but finally settled on a single sport, baseball, in high school. Sean was recruited out of high school by Avila University, right here in Kansas City, and pitched for the Avila Eagles throughout his college career.

Subsequent to college graduation, and due to a lack of exciting career choices relevant to a B.A. in Sociology, Sean was compelled to serve his country. He enlisted in the United States Air Force and served as a paratrooper/ROMAD (Recon, Observe, Mark and Destroy) in a TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) unit. He was stationed at Pope Air Force Base in Fayetteville, NC and was aligned with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg.

Upon completion of his military service, Sean worked as a volunteer firefighter and earned his Firefighter and EMT certifications. He has worked as a full-time firefighter ever since and has been with the Lenexa Fire Department since 2007.

Fitness Inspiration: Sean has been committed to fitness ever since he was bullied one sunny afternoon while walking home from grade school; he was determined to never allow that to happen again. As a collegiate athlete, the desire to remain competitive and produce favorable results was the motivation to be fit. As a paratrooper and now as a firefighter, the motivation to be fit is survival, not only his own, but that of his crew; the main goal being to make it home at the end of each and every shift.

Sean has been exposed to a variety of fitness regimens throughout his athletic, military and firefighting careers. He was introduced to Crossfit while attending the firefighting academy for the Lenexa Fire Department and never looked back. Sean loves CrossFit not only because of the obvious health and fitness benefits, but because of its competitive nature. Sean became a CrossFit Level I certificate holder in April of 2012 and CrossFit Weightlifting in 2014. He has also been a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer for several years.

Big Scene’s inspiration is rooted in his faith. He believes that anyone who has been blessed with a healthy mind and body should always strive toward perfecting these gifts through hard work and perseverance. Sean hopes that through his coaching, he will not only be able to inspire others, but to help them make their fitness goals become reality. There is nothing more gratifying, from a coaching perspective, than to witness someone accomplish what they had set out to do; or to even achieve a task they had previously thought to be impossible.

When Sean is not at the fire station, coaching/training at Sky’s or teaching CPR, he spends quality time with his two cats, Tito & Gracie.

Harry Kuan – Coach/Firefighter

Sport of Fitness: Harry’s fitness began with a life of rugby, playing for Park Hill High School in Kansas City, Truman State University, and even a short stint playing in New Zealand. Upon return to KC, Harry played and coaches for the Kansas City Rugby Football Club. It was a fellow rugby teammate who introduced him to CrossFit as part of his off-season workouts. While trying to teach himself CrossFit at the local 24 Hour Fitness, he met future Sky’s Limit CrossFit owner Ronnie Oswald, and they began working out together.

Harry’s love for sport and fitness led him to join Sky’s and assist as a coach when not at the firehouse. He enjoys coaching CrossFit because of the satisfaction gained helping someone improve their mobility through a proper squat or witness them achieve a new personal record. No matter how short term their goals could be, he finds reward in helping others reach them.

Being a Grown Up: In his “grown up” life he works for the Kansas City Fire Department on Truck 15, which he says is the best job in the world. However his true inspiration is his family: “They are the reason I do the best I can every day.” When not spending time with his wife and son (and soon-to-be second son in early 2013), Harry finds freedom on two wheels riding his motorcycle.

Hans Treager – Coach/Medical Student

Path to a life of health: Hans played sports throughout his childhood, until he stopped in college and let the Freshman Fifteen (or thirty) get hold of him. Determined to get back to being healthy, he began working out to lose weight. As countless others have discovered with all the typical gym routines, he lost the motivation to train when he didn’t see any differences in his physical appearance or strength gains. When a friend mentioned CrossFit, he did some quick research and joined the closest box the next day, and he never looked back. Years later, he can’t stand to miss more than a day, and has spread the CrossFit gospel to numerous friends. When Hans isn’t doing CrossFit, he’s buried in his studies of medicine at KU Med.

All in the Family: Hans’ work ethic and desire to improve the lives of those around him is inspired by his family. His parents’ determination and hard work brought their family from a roofless home in Peru to a wonderful life in the U.S., by working to accomplish their own academic and professional goals. In addition, he has witnessed his brother overcome many challenges to complete his MBA at a top business school while maintaining a full time job and busy life. His family has lead by example while also providing him the opportunity to pursue medical school. He hopes through his education and coaching CrossFit, he will also be able to positively impact the health of those he serves throughout his career.

Coaching in a Community: Working out and coaching in the unique, supportive community of a CrossFit gym is one of Hans’ favorite aspects of this kind of fitness. “When you’ve been around the box for awhile, you get pretty excited to see others’ accomplishments too,” he says, and teaching others who finally “get” a movement they’ve been struggling with is highly rewarding.

He also loves the continuous self-education that goes with coaching in the Sky’s Limit CrossFit community. He believes it is important to only teach movements to others that as a coach you have a strong understanding of, and can perform the movement effectively yourself, something that he learned from Owner/Head Coach, Ronnie. This philosophy inspires Hans to continue studying and perfecting his own skills so he can have that much more impact as a coach.

In all his studious seriousness, Hans can actually be quite sarcastic, and when not studying or CrossFitting, he’s likely snuggling with his two furry friends, a German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. If you follow him on Facebook or Instagram, photos of those two will fill your feed.

Dr. Heather Bourdon – Chiropractor

Lifelong Athlete: Dr. Heather hails from Canada.  She has been an athlete her entire life playing every sport in high school she had time for.  She has a special love for fast-pitch softball, playing through college, and on several senior amateur teams competing at the national level in Canada.  As catcher, she understood the importance of power and strength and has always enjoyed the aspect of training and achieving her goals through fitness.

Student of Movement: She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Coaching which led her to pursue a career as a personal trainer working alongside celebrity fitness trainer Grant Roberts. Many of Dr. Heather’s clients asked her bio-mechanical and health questions which inspired her to pursue her career as a Chiropractor.  She graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Kansas.

Empowering Belief: Dr. Heather is dedicated to empowering her patients to own and understand their own bodies.  Her experience as a former fitness professional and exercise physiologist gives her an edge, which makes teaming up with Sky’s Limit CrossFit a perfect fit. Her inspiration is rooted in her Catholic faith. She knows that God has given her a gift to heal.

Because one of Dr. Heathers’ hobbies is working out, a day at the office doesn’t feel like work at all!  She also loves all things fashion, and spending time with her family and second family Doug, Denise, Chloe and Barney here in Kansas City. Learn more about Dr. Heather’s chiropractic care here.


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    I was wondering if you guys had a drop-in policy. I have been doing crossfit for three years or so and love to catch work-outs when I am on the road. I was hoping to potentially catch you 7PM tonight or definitely a workout tomorrow.


    • Normally we have people buy a t shirt but we are all out so it would be $15. If you are here multiple days I just have people pay 1 time and then just come in and join us for the week. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Ronnie & Jesse, thanks for the outstanding WOD! I am definitely feeling the aftermath of the ringdips- good pain! We’ll definitely be back for more. Thanks again for the coaching and motivation.

    Semper Fi,

    Erik J.

  3. Awesome write up guys, thanks! I need to get a good pic of myself for the bio.

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