Kenzie – Nursing Student, Unicorn Chaser

Kenzie overhead squat“It’s hard for me to put into words what CrossFit, specifically Sky’s Limit, has done for me. I am so grateful to Ronnie and all of the coaches who have had such a meaningful impact on my life. It has truly transformed me physically and mentally.

CrossFit has taught me that anything is possible; it’s never too late for change. At Sky’s Limit I am constantly being challenged and pushed past limits I thought I had, making me do more, and ultimately be more. It has given me the tools to overcome obstacles inside and outside of the gym.

Before CrossFit, I was going through the motions of every day life, but not fully living. I was working an 8-5 job, sitting on my ass, chained to a desk in a cubicle, staring at a computer, and occasionally indulging in the daily treat you could always count on in the office. I was miserable, but too scared to do anything about it. I felt as though this routine was slowly sucking the life out of me.

Since joining Sky’s Limit CrossFit, I eat better, feel better, and overall enjoy a much healthier lifestyle. It has given me a renewed energy as well as a deeper appreciation for health and nutrition, which has led me to pursue a career in nursing – I could not be more excited for this new endeavor. I have made so many positive changes since the first day I stepped through the doors of Sky’s Limit and I have no intention of going back. I am a more confident, stronger woman than I ever thought possible, and I’m just getting started.

The community at Sky’s Limit is extraordinary. These people have become my family. We push, encourage, and support each other; we laugh, sweat, and celebrate together. If I could squeeze all the members of Sky’s Limit in the gym together and hug the building, I would! I love this place and the people who make it what it is. Because of this gym, I AM better than yesterday.”

Chris – The Family Guy

Chris Hinken dead lift PR at Sky's Limit CrossFit

Chris smiling during his PR on dead lift.


“My wife visited my oldest daughter in Durham, North Carolina, and came back to Kansas City looking for a CrossFit gym. She joined Sky’s Limit, along with my middle daughter, her husband, and my youngest daughter. Several months went by and all I would hear is “Ronnie this” and “Ronnie that.” Then, I had to continuously ask what they were talking about…between WOD, AMRAP, PR, and “Fran,” or “Barbara,” or “Angie.”

At sixty one I wasn’t motivated to “go to the gym” on a regular basis and hadn’t in years. But I finally went to Sky’s Limit and introduced myself to Ronnie Oswald, asking him if he thought I could do CrossFit. That was the beginning. Ronnie has been my trainer for about seven months now and together we have made me lighter (by 20 pounds), stronger, healthier, and looking forward to every WOD.

Ronnie has boundless energy and stamina, extensive knowledge of human physiology and an unwavering faith in his ability to change lives. He knows where your limits are and brings you right to the edge of those limits; always knowing in the back of his mind that you will exceed those limits in time. Ronnie is always concerned about form and function; doing the workout is not the same thing as doing the workout correctly. His goal is to get people fit and not get them hurt; which is why he requires the “On Ramp” for people new to CrossFit.

Sky’s Limit is a gym that reflects Ronnie’s personal commitment to his clientele. I am grateful that I took that first step to becoming more fit and that I have the privilege of calling Ronnie Oswald my trainer and my friend. The best part of being a CrossFitter is finally understanding what the hell the family is talking about!”

Joe at 2011 Toughest Mudder

Joe at 2011 Toughest Mudder

Joe – Tough Mudder.

“I wanted to thank you for helping me get in the best physical and mental shape of
my life. I came to your CrossFit gym 4 months ago looking to advance my fitness to a new level. My goal was to accomplish a 12 mile Tough Mudder. You, Jesse and all the positive fellow CrossFitters at Sky’s pushed me to accomplish the Toughest Mudder.

The upside of seeing such drastic results in a few months makes it exciting knowing that there is so much room to grow. Your sacrifice, dedication and dream of owning a CrossFit gym is helping others achieve their dreams along the way.”

Vikki – Tri-athlete. Figure competitor. Nurse anesthetist. Mom.

“In December 2009, I decided to do a half-ironman and didn’t really want to ‘do it on my own.’ A good friend of mine recommended Ronnie to me but she told me to prepare myself – I believe her exact words were ‘he will kick your ass.’ Never one to turn down a challenge, I gave him a call. Next thing I know, it’s been a little over 18 months and I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve been since my early 20’s. I’m almost the big 4-0 and I’ve competed in 4 triathlons and a figure competition in the last year.

I have to take a little of the credit for those accomplishments but Ronnie was absolutely instrumental in helping me to attain those goals. Ronnie tailors his workouts to my specific goals and the training never becomes repetitious or stale. He knows what my limits are and will push me to those limits. He is remarkably in-tune with his clients and knows if I’m a little off that day. Regardless, he still expects of me what I expect from him. And, trust me – you will get every cent worth!

I jumped at the opportunity to follow Ronnie to Sky’s Limit Crossfit because I know I will never meet a trainer more passionate or genuine about his work than Ronnie Oswald – he truly makes me want to be better than I was yesterday.”

Vikki - before and after personal training with Ronnie

Vikki’s “before” and “after” photos

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  1. I also joined Sky’s Limit to get ready for a Tough Mudder competition in October. I’ve been at it for a month and a 1/2. I had modified my diet slightly before joining, so had begun to loose a little weight,but not in the right places really.

    After joining, My strength has increased, my torso is noticeably tighter, the typical ‘Man Belly’ is rapidly disappointing and my legs are beginning to pop.

    I’ve switched to a Paleo diet and feeling better every day. I have a month and a half to get as good as I can before Tough Mudder and with the team at Sky’s Limit, I know I’ll do well and have a BLAST.

    If you’re on the fence, jump off and into class. It will be the best health decision you have ever made!!!!