It’s not hard to find CrossFit in Kansas City. While we were one of the first, CrossFit gyms have popped up in nearly every part of the KC Metro area, and everyone knows someone who does it. So when your options are many, why choose Sky’s Limit CrossFit?

At Sky’s Limit CrossFit, we don’t have hip decor or rows of shiny equpiment, or a big marketing budget to spend on fancy photography and advertising.

What we do have is Tenacity. Sense of humor. Curiosity. Passion. Community. Skill. And most of all – FUN. You’ll find these qualities among our trainers and our members. We get together for workouts in a 5,500 square foot cinder block warehouse. There is more wide open space than gym equipment to fill it, but that’s how we like it. The essential equipment and space we have allows us to teach and train full body functional movements. We don’t waste any time going from machine to machine, working one body part at time, or spending an hour on a cardio machine to burn calories. And while we adjust and scale every workout to the skill and strength level of each individual, everyone works hard and we don’t take the easy way out. We challenge every single person to reach their own new limits, assuring that with that effort, we can all be better than yesterday, mentally and physically.

When you join, it won’t take long till everyone knows your name (cheers!) Not only do we workout together, but we play together too. Friendships are forged and we’ve even produced a few weddings!

So really, Sky’s Limit CrossFit isn’t just another gym in Kansas City. It’s a community of people with a passion to better themselves, and an environment where anything is possible.

Want to learn more about us? We’d love to meet you, so come on by the gym. In the meantime, you can read more at the links below. Keep in touch at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (roswald79).

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