"Functional fitness for real people."

Looking for the most experienced and fun Kansas City CrossFit gym? We are not a shiny, trendy gym, but our knowledgeable trainers will personally work with you to reach beyond your fitness goals and known physical limits to lead a better, healthier life. We welcome beginners with no workout knowledge to athletes looking for an established KC CrossFit community. We offer CrossFit classes and personal training in Kansas City with passionate coaching and a supportive, fun, and community-driven gym atmosphere. Contact us at ronnie @ skyslimitcrossfit.com or call 816-830-8357 for more information.

Silver & Fit!!!!

This senior fitness class has one main focus: Longevity. Building strength through functional movements that will help promote this idea through a focused training for people exclusively age 60+. With my 12 years of experience this will be done in the safest most effective way possible. The key to an independent life is being able to squat and that’s exactly what I want for all of you! Squatting in the sense of getting up out of chairs unassisted, out of your car on your own and of course, off the toilet! The goal of our senior fitness program is to help you remain independent and promote a healthy lifestyle through proper training and nutrition.

Join us starting in April on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 a.m.

$80/month or $10 per class. Contact Ronnie to get started!

On Ramp Starts Soon!

 ON RAMP !  Only $110 with no commitment, $25 with a 3 Month commitment or FREE with a 6 Month commitment to get started today!  That includes both On Ramp classes and the rest of the month!  I am currently scheduling On Ramp by appointment only either during the week in the mornings or on Saturday mornings.  In this day and time it’s been better since a lot of folks are working from home. Get signed up and start your transformation today! Just send me an email to let me know some times and dates that work for you and I’ll see you here!  ronnie@skyslimitcrossfit.com 


It’s not hard to find CrossFit in Kansas City. While we were one of the first, CrossFit gyms have popped up in nearly every part of the KC Metro area, and everyone knows someone who does it. So when your options are many, why choose Sky’s Limit CrossFit?