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Looking for the most fun and unique Kansas City CrossFit gym? We are not a shiny, trendy gym, but our experienced trainers will personally work with you to reach beyond your fitness goals and known physical limits to lead a better, healthier life. We welcome beginners with no workout knowledge to athletes looking for an established KC CrossFit community. We offer CrossFit classes and personal training in Kansas City with passionate coaching and a supportive, fun, and community-driven gym atmosphere. Contact us at skyslimitfitness @ gmail.com or call 816-830-8357 for more information.

Our Programming

When it comes to CrossFit boxes, not all gyms are the same. Learn about why we do what we do at Sky’s Limit CrossFit.

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11/20/14 WOD

Strength – 5 Sets

Hang Power Clean & Push Press x 5
*2 Minutes Rest between sets*

WOD – 15 Min AMRAP

Strict Pull-Ups x 5

Ring Dips x 10

Walking Lunges x (15 each leg) or (stationary step lunges)

Double Unders x 20 (must be unbroken)